Overview of Site

  • Site Address: Industrial Park Road
  • Municipality: Mount Carmel Township
  • County: Northumberland
  • Zip Code: 17866
  • Min Size: 5 acres
  • Max Size: 1,200 acres
  • Total Acres: 1,200 acres
  • Zoning: Industrial
  • Rail Access: Yes

The Coal Region of Northumberland County, a three hour drive from New York City, is home to some of the largest potential industrial development sites in the Northeastern United States! Boasting strong infrastructure and strategic access to major metropolitan markets – SEEDCO Industrial Park is THE location manufacturers, warehouse projects and developers want to invest their resources for long term strong business growth! These communities are where the energy production happened that drove development and prosperity in the United States and they are now ready to be part of the future energy and development! 

Visualize the “game changing” impact and success your project could have! Why consider the coal region of Pennsylvania?

  • First and foremost the people and talent – people with grit, determination, innovation and hard-work call the coal communities home. These are the talent diamonds in the rough that are known for their commitment, ingenuity and passion for their communities with access to top-notch training and educational resources. “The people here are forged by coal but under the pressure they have been under for years and years, unbeknownst to them they turned into diamonds and what they do and how they do it, I cannot find any place on the planet that people would care as much as these people care” Manufacturing Leader
  • Strategic location with sites rail served and located just 15 minutes from Interstate 81 with access to major markets that include 40% of the US population and 60% of Canada’s population within a day’s drive.
  • Incentives to reduce risks and increase the speed of economic impact investment projects including tax free sites, infrastructure grants, state grants and low interest loans, tax credits, numerous economic development resources and much more. These sites are located in “Energy Community” designated areas providing tax credit bonuses for development projects.
  • Community revitalization that includes business friendly municipalities, public and private multi-million dollar investments, thousands of volunteers, growing recreational institutions, numerous small business start-ups and national retail projects.
  • Infrastructure to support today’s demands for energy transformation, manufacturing and logistics needs: *Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, Rail

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Utility Service

Utility capacities are subject to change over time. Please contact the site representative for the most recent information.

Electric Service Provider: PPL Electric Utilities

Gas Provider: UGI

Sewer Provider: Municipal

Water Service Provider: Aqua PA

Phone/Telecommunications Service Provider: PennTeleData

Fiber Availability: Yes

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SEEDCO offers all of the infrastructure resources needed to be shovel ready, bringing your visions to life. Perfectly placed near the Northeast’s busiest corridors, the SEEDCO site exceeds expectations delivering a qualified site, workforce and quality of life. Call Focus Central PA today to visit!